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Building Pathways Supports Black Lives Matter

Building Pathways declares and affirms to fight to ensure and to uphold that Black Lives Matter. We decry the institutional systems of racism and oppression that contributed to the murder of George Floyd and of countless other innocent black people who have had their lives stolen and their rights abused.

Building Pathways is committed to fighting against and dismantling the barriers in our society that for too long have denied equitable access for Black people to good jobs, good health, and affordable housing. That includes by reflecting on our own practices, programs, and the history that necessitated our founding.

Speaking up and speaking out against police brutality that targets the communities of which we are a part, which we serve, and to whom we are accountable is consistent with our mission to provide better lives and successful careers in the construction industry for black people.

Building Pathways was created to ensure women, people of color and under-served communities are able to thrive in the construction industry and in life through world-class union apprenticeship training programs.

At the same time, we recognize that good careers and career pathways which lead to good health, housing security, and more, are only one part of the equation to ensure better, safer, and more secure lives for Black people.

We must deepen our work and further our resolve to build not only career opportunities for Black people, but to fight for a world in which we celebrate Black lives, in which Black people and Blackness are not constantly under attack either through police brutality or systemic inequities, and in which all Black people can not only breathe, but thrive, both in our industry and everywhere.

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